You can connect cloud storage services like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive to Wavity and manage all your files in different services from one place in Wavity.

To connect Google Drive

Click on Drive icon from the side menu
Click "Click here to connect your Cloud Storage"

Click the toggle on Option under Google Drive to configure the account.

This will open a new popup, where you will need to authenticate with Google directly.
You will be asked if you would like to allow Wavity Drive to manage your files. You need to click "Allow" to use Google Drive with Wavity app.
Upon success, Wavity receives a token from Google that allows Wavity to authenticate to Google drive and display your files in Wavity app.

If you go back to Drive from the side menu, you should now see your Google Drive files.

To unlink Google Drive

If you would like to unlink Google Drive from Wavity, please follow the below steps:
Click on Settings from the top menu -> Account Settings -> Connected Accounts.
Click the toggle off Option for Google Drive
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